Dr Martens D&AD 2016

Insight: Buskers represent everything Dr Martens stands up for with their individual style and united spirit of pure music.

Idea:  An innovative take on a radio podcast series, Street Pulse will take you into the relatable world of street music and their creators. Dr Martens takes fans to 5 cities around the world through the journeys of 5 musicians as they design a line of boots, inspired by these stories. 

D&AD Winners:  Gabrielle Prawl and Sanjana Dora



This special collection of boots will be free to all buskers so they can continue to #STANDFORSOMETHING.


Martian: All music asks from a musician is to play, play uninhibited.And people do. There’s a ton a great musicians here. A lot of competition. Just walk a a block that way or a block that way and you’ll hear it. I love it. It’s always changing. You hear something new. 40 years and I hear something new everyday. How can you not love that, how can you not want to be a part of this. The very idea I could get a ticket or be fined for playing music, was ridiculous. Music is for everyone it sound, how can you control sound. You can't lock up sound. But they keep trying.

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Mira:  Being a woman, on an Indian street, having a massive drum strapped to your chest, does invite a lot of attention. I used to wear a lot of colorful garb to add to the whole experience, but I began noticing that it was taking attention away from the music. It added more to the performance and less to actual music. I want to get people to listen, not just see.  Now, I just stand in blue jeans, with my hair slicked back in a ponytail so that it doesn’t get in my eyes